About Tulsa Transit

The Metropolitan Tulsa Transit Authority (Tulsa Transit) was formed in August 1968 by the City of Tulsa. Tulsa Transit was set up as a public trust to continue the operations of the private bus service that had been run by the Missouri, Kansas & Oklahoma bus company (MK&O Lines).

Today Tulsa Transit services 199 square miles of Tulsa and surrounding areas such as Jenks, Sand Springs, and Broken Arrow. We operate Fixed Route and Paratransit bus services, and Tulsa Transit administration is overseen by a seven-member Board of Trustees.

Tulsa Transit has had many accomplishments over the last 50 years some of the key highlights are in 1998 Tulsa Transit opened the Denver Avenue Station located at 4th and Denver in downtown Tulsa. In July 2001, the Memorial Mid-town Station was opened at 33rd & Memorial to facilitate better cross-town passenger movement. In April 2016 the citizens of Tulsa approved Vision Tulsa, a multi-project continuation of an existing sales tax. Among the many projects funded by Vision Tulsa are Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line on Peoria, Named the AREO and soon to follow will be a second BRT line on 11th Street, and many more projects are to come. Starting in March of 2018 Tulsa Transit will kick off a Comprehensive Operating Analysis plan ( name coming soon)  to take a look at what is the best way to service to and from the AREO as well as provide the best service to the current and future customers of the Tulsa Transit system.

Tulsa Transit’s mission is to connect people to progress and prosperity.

Quick Facts

Number of Fixed Route buses operated – 62

Number of Flex Route buses ( route 508)- 3

Number of Lift Program vehicles operated – 44

Annual Fixed Route trips provided – 2.8 million

Annual Lift Program trips provided – 119,000

Service area covered – 199 square miles

Annual operating budget – $18 million

Number of employees – 180