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Advertising on Tulsa Transit buses is like advertising on a moving billboard that runs 14 hours a day and averages 250,000-350,000 impressions per week. Even better, bus advertising is one of the most affordable and effective advertising tools for businesses. Tulsa Transit buses are seen throughout Tulsa and the surrounding area.

Why Tulsa Transit buses? They are billboards in motion.  Over one hundred vehicles with advertising driving around Tulsa, Jenks and Sand Springs covering approximately 160 square miles.  Our vehicles provide about 12,000 passenger trips per week day, with each bus traveling almost 200 miles.

Your customers are a moving target – in their cars, on the streets, shopping around town. Transit Advertising puts your message where your customers will see it, with more than 20 million opportunities a year! Transit Advertising carries your message all over Tulsa with larger-than-life motion at an affordable cost. Transit takes your advertising to neighborhoods where billboards are not available as well as busy downtown corridors. It’s the best way to give your advertising maximum exposure.

Tulsa Transit offers advertising on buses, benches, and bus shelters.

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For more information or to purchase advertising, please contact Ryan Myers with Transit Advertising at 918-270-2366 or e-mail

Our Advertising Policy

  • No ads for Tobbaco, Liquor or illegal activities
  • MTTA has final approval of text and graphics (Conformity to community standards)