Why Ride?

There are so many good reasons to ride the bus:

  • Bus riders save money.  It’s the most economical way to travel.
  • The cost of gas today is really putting a dent in drivers’ pockets.  To find out how much you’re paying to drive, check out our “Compute Driving Costs” calculator.
  • If you park your car even a few days a week you can significantly reduce its wear and tear.  It will also help you keep the mileage down and the value up.
  • If you have more than one car in your family you can sell one and cut your costs in half.
  • Riding a transit bus is 79 times safer than car travel.
  • Time spent on the bus can be used to catch up on work, read or just relax.
  • Get exercise by walking more to bus stops or take your bike and ride the bus.
  • Bus riders never have to worry about finding a parking place.
  • Bus riders get to their destination rested and relaxed, not stressed-out from fighting traffic.
  • Public transit plays a key role in reducing air pollution.  Vehicles account for 50% of the air pollution nationwide.
  • For every mile traveled, public transportation uses about one half of the fuel consumed by automobiles, and about a third of that used by SUV’s and light trucks.
  • If one in ten Americans used public transportation regularly, the U.S. reliance on foreign oil could be cut by more than 40 percent – the amount we import from Saudi Arabia each year.