How to Ride

How to Ride the Bus1


Using Maps

  • Start by finding your destination on the system map. Determine which route goes to your destination. There may be more than one route traveling by your destination.
  • Find the starting point where you will catch the bus.
  • Decide which route or routes you need to take. Each route has a name and number. (Example: Route #111 11th Street) Be sure to check the route’s direction of travel when planning your trip. Some buses travel in a loop going clockwise or counter-clockwise, while other routes travel “to downtown” or “from downtown.”
  • Some trips require more than one bus, which means you will need to transfer from one bus to another. If you will need to transfer, find the intersection of the two routes. This is where you will exit the first bus and board the second.

TIP:  Let the Google Maps Trip Planner plan your trip for you!

Reading a Schedule

Reading a timetable is simple once you know how.  All bus schedules are printed in the Traveler ride guide which is available for $.25 at both transit stations and at Tulsa City County Libraries.

  1. Determine the direction and time period you’ll be traveling.
  2. Pick the timing point nearest your departure location.
  3. Below the timing point, locate your departure time. Plan to arrive at your bus stop according to the timepoint that appears on the timetable prior to your boarding location.
  4. Read the times from left to right to estimate arrival and departure times.
  5. Weekday and Saturday time schedules are different! Make sure you are looking at the correct schedule. Some routes do not have Saturday service.
  6. To determine the correct boarding time, look at the timetables for your route or call 918-582-2100 for assistance.

TIP:  Let the Google Maps Trip Planner plan your trip for you!

How to catch the bus

  1. Use the timing point that appears before your starting point to determine what time to arrive at the bus stop. It’s better to be early than late! Bus stops are marked with a bus stop sign or bus shelter.
  2. If there is not a bus stop within one city block in either direction from where you want to catch the bus, please stand on the far side of the intersection (past the intersection in the direction that the bus is traveling) or in a safe location for the bus to stop, visible to the operator.
  3. Be sure to read the destination sign on the bus as it approaches. Some bus stops serve many routes. That means a bus may come by that is not going where you want to go. Be sure you’re getting on the right bus by looking for the route number on the destination sign above the front window of the bus. Do not try to catch a bus if the destination sign reads, “To Garage” or “Special Service” or “Out of Service”.
  • Sometimes buses have to make detours from the regular route due to various reasons.  These detours are listed in the Rider Alerts section of this website.
  • Tulsa Transit will post notices on buses in advance of a detour whenever possible.
  • Call 918-582-2100 for detour information.

Boarding and Payment

  1. Have your fare ready before boarding. All buses have electronic fareboxes that accept dollar bills and coins, and can issue a change card if necessary.  This change card can be used toward a future fare.
  2. You may pay your fare with cash,or a fare card. Fare cards are available at QuikTrip stores and other locations.
  3. When you see a bus coming, determine if it is the correct bus by reading the route number and destination of the bus on the destination sign on the front of the bus or on the curbside of the bus. Flashing lights indicate that the bus is slowing down to a stop.
  4. When your bus approaches, step to the curb or wave to let the operator know you want to board.
  5. Step aboard and pay your fare. All of our vehicles are compliant with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) and have wheelchair access.
  6. If you plan to transfer to another bus to complete your trip, ask the driver for a U2 Pass.  The U2 Pass is good for two hours and will allow you to transfer to your next bus.  Hold on to the handrails as you find a seat, as the bus may begin to move before you sit down.

Exiting the Bus

  1. As the bus approaches your stop, signal the driver that you want off by pressing the rubber strip between the windows or above your seat, or pull the cord (depending on the particular bus).
  2. The operator will stop at the closest safe place or the next bus stop sign. Please give the driver enough notice so that he may make a smooth stop.
  3. If you are not familiar with the area, ask the driver to let you know when you are nearing your destination.
  4. Please exit the bus from the rear door if other passengers are boarding at your departure point. To open the rear door, push on the door’s silver bars.
  5. Carefully step off the bus.

For safety reasons, boarding and de-boarding buses is not allowed when the bus is stopped at traffic signals.  The driver must first go through the intersection before stopping to pick up or drop off passengers.  Safety is number one!

Multi-Bus Trips

  • Tulsa Transit’s U2 Pass is good for unrestricted access to any route or routes in any direction (except Express Routes) for 2 hours on weekdays, and 3 hours on Saturdays.  The expiration time will be printed on the back of the U2 Pass.
  • If you need to transfer from one bus to another to complete your trip, ask your driver for a U2 Pass when you pay your fare.  (Add .25 when using the U2 on an Express Route.)
  • A U2 Pass must be requested when you pay your first fare.
  • Swipe the U2 Pass through the farebox reader when boarding any bus during the time the pass is valid.
  • The farebox will reject invalid U2 Passes; please make sure yours is valid.
  • Tulsa Transit operators have a ten-minute window of time before they’re considered “late”.  Avoid trying to make a connection that doesn’t give you at least ten minutes between your first and second bus.
  • If you purchase a Day pass, 7-Day pass or 31-Day pass (good for unlimited rides), you won’t need a U2 pass.  Just swipe the pass each time you ride.
  • In case of a misunderstanding, please pay your fare and report the discrepancy at the customer service window at either station.

Rules of the Road

To ensure that our customers have a safe and enjoyable ride, the Coach Operator or other Tulsa Transit Staff will enforce the rules outlined here on Tulsa Transit’s properties, which include buses, bus shelters, bus stops, Denver Avenue Station, Memorial Midtown Station, and Tulsa Transit offices. By violating any of these policies you may be suspended from Tulsa Transit services and facilities.

  • No firearms, weapons or fireworks of any kind will be allowed on the bus, except for a pistol or handgun carried in full compliance with the provisions of the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act (21 O.S. §1290.1 et seq.) or a rifle or shotgun which is not clip, magazine or chamber loaded; provided the rifle or shotgun is transported in a case designed for carrying firearms in compliance with the provisions of the Oklahoma Firearms Act of 1971 (21 O.S. §1289.7).
  • No fighting, throwing of any objects, pushing, rough, or loud behavior, or vulgar language.
  • No hazardous chemicals, materials, or batteries of any kind.
  • No smoking of any tobacco or electronic devices.
  • No eating.  Drinks with lids are allowed.
  • No vandalism.  Persons caught defacing any Tulsa Transit property will be detained for the police and prosecuted.
  • Shirt and shoes must be worn at all times.
  • Radios, CD players, tape players can be a distraction to the Operator and will not be allowed in use unless you use headphones with the volume adjusted so that only you can hear it.
  • Please do not engage in unnecessary conversation with the Bus Operator while he or she is operating the vehicle.
  • No roller skates or roller blades.
  • Children age 12 years and under must be accompanied by an adult or other person over 16 years of age.
  • Pets must be stored in a pet carrier except for certified aid animals.
  • No standing in front of the yellow “standee” line while the vehicle is in motion.
  • Passengers must have a destination when boarding.  Loitering on the bus is not allowed.
  • For the safety of your child, children cannot remain in strollers. Please keep them seated or in your lap. Strollers must be folded and put away.
  • Refusing to pay a fare or misuse of fare media.
  • Soliciting or panhandling.
  • Interfering with the safe and orderly operations of a Tulsa Transit vehicle or facility.
  • Transporting packages or other objects that block passenger ways or doorways onto a Tulsa Transit vehicle.