Using Maps

Click on the graphic “Try our Online Demo” for a visual demonstration of how to use our maps and schedules or follow the instructions below.

Demo button

  1. Start by finding your destination on the system map. Determine which route goes to your destination. There may be more than one route traveling by your destination.
  2. Find the starting point where you will catch the bus.
  3. Decide which route or routes you need to take. Each route has a name and number. (Example: Route #105 Peoria) Be sure to check the route’s direction of travel when planning your trip. Some buses travel in a loop going clockwise or counter-clockwise, while other routes travel “to downtown” or “from downtown.”
  4. Some trips require more than one bus, which means you will need to transfer from one bus to another. If you will need to transfer, find the intersection of the two routes. This is where you will exit the first bus and board the second.