How to use the farebox

Following these simple steps will make paying your fare fast and easy!

  • When the bus arrives please be ready to pay your fare.
  • Have exact change ready!  The farebox will not give change, but will issue a change receipt for use on a subsequent bus trip.
  • After paying your fare, listen for a beep and check the Passenger Display, this indicates a full fare is paid.



Paying with Coins – Drop either coins or tokens one at a time in the Coin/Token Insertion Cup.


 Paying with Bills – Feed flat, unfolded bills (in any orientation) into the Bill Insertion Slot.  If you do not have the exact fare the farebox will not give change, but will print a change slip for your future use. 

 Using a Bus Pass – The first time bus pass is used it must be inserted into the Electronic Fare Card Slot on top of the farebox.  This activates the bus pass and prints some important information on the back of the pass.

Using a Bus Pass – Once a bus pass has been activated, it should be swiped through the Swipe Slot on top of the farebox when you use it again while it is still valid.  Swiping is faster!


HELPFUL TIP:  Tell the driver if you are buying a U2 Pass (2-Hour Pass) or a 1-Day Pass before paying your fare.  If the Passenger Display states additional money is needed, insert more money. Remove bus pass from the Electronic Fare Card Slot.