Employer Bonus Bucks

Companies of all sizes can help their employees pay for transit fares by providing Bonus Bucks transit vouchers. This program allows employers to pay half or all the cost of an employee’s monthly bus fares and deduct it as a business expense.

The federal government allows employers to deduct up to $115.00 per month per employee for subsidizing public transportation. And no payroll taxes are required. So it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

The employer offers the vouchers to interested employees. Employees would then send the vouchers to Tulsa Transit including their share of the fare, if any. Monthly passes will be sent to the employees and an invoice will be sent to the employer for the vouchers redeemed.

For more information, please call Tulsa Transit marketing at 918-582-2100.


Let Wage Works do the work for you. Wage Works offers transit benefits to employees through an online service. Companies can register with Wage Works and pay a small per employee fee to handle the administration of the transit benefits program. Employees log on to Wage Works each month to order their transit pass or fare card and have it delivered to their door. For more information, vist