Bus Pass & Fare Information

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  • Reduced & Military photo IDs must be shown to the bus operator each time you board the bus.
  • Children (4 and under) ride free with adult.
  • Super Seniors (75 and Older) ride free with Super Senior photo ID card.
  • Lift Program Card Holders ride free with Lift Program card.
  • Approved Escorts for Lift Card Holders ride free when accompanying lift program card holder.

Reduced Fare passes are  sold at Denver Avenue Station and Memorial Midtown Station as well as online only.

*A Reduced or Military photo ID card must be shown each time you board the bus to receive a reduced fare or use a reduced fare pass. Exceptions are for youth age 18 or younger using a Reduced Fare pass or Medicare card holders. Proof of age is required for youth using the Reduced Fare Pass.

** Super Seniors ride FREE!  Anyone 75 or older can get a Super Senior photo ID made at Denver Avenue Station.  Must show proof of age.  $1 for first Super Senior ID; $5 for replacement IDs.

Call 918-582-2100 to get complete information on obtaining and using reduced or military photo ID cards.