Detours & Info

The City of Tulsa is working on a number of projects to improve our overall street system. These projects often require our bus routes to be re-routed around the construction zones. In addition, these construction zones sometimes change as the projects progress. All of this makes it challenging for us to keep you up to date on the most current route information. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we do our best to detour around these ongoing street projects.







Updated 7/28/2022

Route 201| Due to construction
(through July 31th)

  • 201 to DT: The bus will turn left on Utica, right on Latimer, right on Peoria to route.
  • 201 from DT: The bus will turn right on Peoria, left on Latimer, left on Utica to route.


Route 310 | Due to construction
(through July 30th)

  • 310 SB: The bus will turn left on 71st, right on Mingo, left on 81st to route.








Updated 7/28/2022

Route 140 | Intermittent detour due to construction
This detour will be in effect when 11th St bridge is closed
140 to DAS: The bus will turn left on Peoria, right on 13th, right on Frankfort to route.
140 from DAS: The bus will continue on Cincinnati, turn left on 13th, Left on Peoria, right on 11th to route

Route 401 & 460 | Due to construction near TCC
(through June 30th)
Buses will enter and exit TCC from the South Campus entrance

Route 401 | Due to construction along 36th St N
401 Outbound and Inbound: The bus will take Garrison instead of Hartford Ave.

Route 490 | Due to construction at 51st & Union
(through December 31st)
490 WB: The bus will turn left on Union, right on 49th St to route.
490 EB:  The bus will turn left on Tacoma, right on W. 51st to route.