Board of Trustees

The Tulsa Transit Board of Trustees oversee the management of Tulsa Transit and govern Tulsa Transit’s policies and major procurements. The board is composed of seven members appointed by the Mayor of the City of Tulsa, and confirmed by the Tulsa City Council. Each board member serves a 3-year term.

Board Members

The following individuals currently serve as the Trustees for Tulsa Transit:

  • Adam Doverspike, Chair
  • James Wagner, Vice-Chair
  • Ann Domin
  • Emily Hall
  • Phyllis Joseph
  • Emeka Nnaka
  • Tina Peña

To contact any board member mail can be sent to the following address:
Attn: Board of Trustees, Tulsa Transit
510 S. Rockford Avenue, Tulsa, OK 74120

2022 Scheduled Meeting Dates

To view the current Tulsa Transit Board Agenda, click the link below:

JUNE 28 Agenda