Tulsa Transit will have FREE FARES this July 15th – September 15th as part of Ozone Alert!

Free Fares are sponsored by


Q: Is fare really free?
A: It sure is! July 15th through September 15th

Q: Which buses can I ride for free?
A: Any of them! All fixed-route and Lift trips (base fare) will be free

Q: Do I need a ticket to board?
A: Nope, just hop on the bus!

Q: What if I just bought a bus pass?
A: Unfortunately we won’t be replacing any active passes. But whether you bought a 1 Day or 31 Day pass, you will still be receiving additional days to ride for free!


Q: What does free Lift base fare include? 
A: One way trip normally costing  $3.50 will be free.

Q: Can I be charged for a phone ahead, will call, or extended service area costs (Sand Springs) during the lift free base fare period?
A: Yes, only the base fare is free all additional charges will still apply. Phone Ahead $1 and will calls are $7.00 per person excluding escorts and buddies.

Q: How many people can accompany me?
A: All guests must be pre-scheduled to ride with Lift Clients before the driver arrives for pick-up. Lift Clients can travel with an escort and up to one additional guest (not lift certified). Lift clients using the Buddy System are allowed a max of 3 lift clients (including the person booking the trip) per trip traveling together, eligibility will be verified

Q: What happens if I don’t receive a pick-up window time at the time I schedule my trips?
A: This is called a no solution trip. Your trip will have to be manually entered into the schedule after the booking period closes. We may adjust your requested time up to an hour before or an hour after. Please try to schedule your trips up to 3 days in advance. If you receive a no solution for a trip that you have booked, you will be contacted with your window times after 6pm the day before your scheduled trip.



INCOG’s regional Ozone Alert! Program brings citizens, business, industry and government together to voluntarily reduce ozone-forming emissions on days vulnerable to high ground-level ozone.

Ozone pollution occurs more during the summer months and vehicles account for 50% of air pollution nationwide. Every driver who chooses to ride the bus is doing their part to improve our local air quality!