April 2020 Service Changes


We are working hard to improve our service. Minor timing and route changes have been created to better serve our riders. Please check your routes’ map before traveling!

  • Route 900 – New Express Route, replacing Route 902 & 909






It’s the same route as the 909, which maintains service to the pickup point at Union but no longer services the Indian Springs pickup. We have adjusted the timing to best service those who had used the earlier 902 and 909 trips. Be on the lookout for a new vehicle as well:  a Dodge Promaster that holds 10 passengers and includes ADA accessibility.

  • Route 969 – Workforce Express Network (WEN) is suspended until further notice

  • NEW Traveler available at DAS

Travelers will be available for FREE at DAS (March 29 – April 5). Starting April 6 each copy will be 25 cents