Winter Weather Safety Tips

Winter is upon us once again with freezing temperatures and the possibility of winter weather. Not only are Tulsa Transit buses safe and reliable, they are also heated and allow you to relax during your daily commutes when the weather is poor.

These are some safe riding tips we recommend you take into consideration when you ride with us this season:

Remember to always dress appropriately for the weather. Although the ride will be warm, your trip to and from the bus stop may not be. Put on an extra layer – even a short wait at your stop can be dangerous if you’re not dressed for the weather.

Plan extra time in your commute. During periods of heavy snow and ice, like traffic, buses may fall behind schedule. Passengers are encouraged to plan extra time into their commute.

Be careful when boarding buses. Wait until the bus has come to a complete stop before trying to board. Melting snow and ice can make bus floors slippery. Make sure to hold handrails when boarding, walking or standing inside the bus.

Be visible. Especially on dark winter mornings or at night, it’s important that you make yourself visible to an approaching bus. Wear light-color clothing. Signal your presence with a small blinker light or flashlight.

Get to know our tools. When buses are delayed from major snow events, it’s easy to see when your next bus is coming with our SPOT app or Next Bus Texting feature. Download the SPOT app or text your 4-digit bus stop number to ‘56520’ for next arrival times.