Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

Tulsa Transit is committed to doing everything we can to help our riders and employees stay safe while continuing to provide the essential transportation services our community depends upon.

We are closely monitoring the latest developments and medical guidance regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) through coordination with the Tulsa Health Department. At this time, state public health experts continue to stress that we all have a responsibility to help prevent the spread of germs by:

  • Regularly washing our hands
  • Covering coughs and sneezes
  • Staying home when we feel sick

To supplement these efforts, we will continue the following practices, while reviewing what additional steps can be taken if appropriate:

  • Thoroughly cleaning each bus nightly, including our paratransit Lift vehicles
  • Sanitize all high touch areas (handrails, fare boxes, steering wheels, etc.) with products recommended by the EPA to help eliminate the spread of illness
  • Educate our employees on proper precautions and issue all drivers hand sanitizer with an alcohol content of 60% or greater

While these precautionary measures are important, they are just one part of the larger, community-led effort to prevent the spread of illness. Please continue to do your part by staying informed and following the advice of the Tulsa Health Department.

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