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What is the Bus Tracker?

The Tulsa Transit Bus Tracker is a real-time Global Positioning System (GPS) based tool that gives bus riders the current position of their bus.  Bus riders may view the Bus Tracker mapping function on a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet, or an internet-ready mobile phone.  Bus Riders with non-internet phones may also use the system via the text messaging function.

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The Bus Tracker system is a compliment to Tulsa Transit’s on-line Trip Planner, which helps riders determine the best routing to get them to their desired destination.  While the Trip Planner gives riders bus information per the published bus schedule, the Bus Tracker gives actual bus location information.  The combination of these two powerful tools gives Tulsa Transit customers accurate, up to the minute information designed to make the public transit experience easier and more enjoyable.


How does the Bus Tracker work?

The Bus Tracker mapping function is very simple to use.  Just go to www.tulsatransit.org and click on the Bus Tracker tool.  A map will appear showing all Tulsa Transit buses currently in service.  To find a particular bus, click on the route you want to see from the list of routes.  A Google Maps based map for the route will appear, showing all buses currently providing service on that route.  You may zoom in/out, and reposition the map just as you would any Google Maps tool.

The Mobile Bus Tracker Tool works the same way.  Just click on the route you want to see and move around the map like you would any other Google Maps application.

Helpful Hint:  The Mobile Bus Tracker tool relies on the local cellular network.  Cellular networks can sometimes experience delays and dead spots in their coverage areas.

Helpful Hint:  When using the mobile mapping function it is a good idea to give yourself plenty of time to be at your bus stop before the bus arrives just in case the network is experiencing a delay.  A good rule of thumb is to be ready at the bus stop when the bus shown on the mapping function is one mile away from you.  Don’t miss your bus by not being at the bus stop!

How does the Bus Tracker Texting Function work?

The Bus Tracker texting function is available for bus riders using non-internet mobile phones.  Using the texting function is very easy.  All of Tulsa Transit’s bus stops are assigned four digit numbers.


  • You can always find the bus stop number for your bus stop on the back of the bus stop sign!


To see when the next bus will arrive at a particular bus stop, you simply send a text message to the Bus Tracker system for your bus stop and the system will text you back the estimated time for your bus to arrive.

  • Send your text message to this number:                                       41411
  • Type your text message in this format:                                 Tulsa Stop#

Example:  If you want to see when the next bus is estimated to arrive at Bus Stop 5820, you will text the following message to 41411:

                                                                                Tulsa 5820


The system will then text you back the estimated arrival time for the next bus arriving at bus stop 5820.  Be sure to put a space between Tulsa and 5820!!


Helpful Hint:  The Bus Tracker text function estimates your next bus arrival from the GPS information it receives on the vehicle’s movement.  The closer the bus is to your bus stop when you send your text, the more accurate the arrival estimate will be.  A good rule of thumb is, if your estimated arrival time is over 20 minutes away, you should send another text message to the system 10 minutes later to see if the original arrival estimate has changed.  The second text arrival estimate will likely be more accurate than the first one.


How do I know what bus stop number to use in my text?

All Tulsa Transit bus stops are numbered.  If you are at a bus stop you can find your bus stop number posted on the back of the bus stop sign.  You can also find your bus stop by using the Stop Finder tool in the Tulsa Transit Trip Planner.


If you have problems using any of the Bus Tracker mapping or text functions you can always call us for help.  Just call our Customer Help Line at