Unless otherwise noted, the Board of Trustees may discuss, review and/or possibly take action on any of the Items listed on this agenda.





Anyone wishing to comment on an agenda item shall notify the board secretary of their wish to speak, as well as the specific agenda item that they wish to speak about.   Each speaker will  be allowed  three  minutes  to  present.    No person  shall be allowed  to comment without registering with the board secretary.


A. Finance/Audit Committee – Marquay Baul

   1.  Review and approval of the March 2018 Financial Statements-Scott Bosen (Action)

2. Review Ted Rieck Submitted Expenses—Scott Bosen (Information)

                       3. FY2019 and FY2020 Budget discussion—Ted Rieck (Information)

B. Marketing and Operations Committee-Joe Schulte

      1. Technology Development Plan—Ted Rieck (Action)
This recommends that the General Manager be authorized to execute a task order with IBI Group for the preparation of a Technology Development Plan for MTTA for a fee not to exceed $72,837.46.

2. Facility Assessment Study—Randy Cloud (Action)

This recommends that the General Manager be authorized to execute a task order with HNTB for the preparation of a facility assessment study for a fee not to exceed $83,893.

3. Electrical/Plumbing On-call Contractor(s) –Randy Cloud (Action)

Authorize the General Manager to enter into a two-year open ended contract, with three option years, with Service 1 Electric and Addco Electric for the purchase of electrical services. The agency also wants to award a two-year open ended contract, with three option years to Mullin Services for the purchase of plumbing services for all of Tulsa Transit’s facilities, including the bus terminal stations and to negotiate final terms and conditions.

4. Upcoming Procurements—Jack Van Hooser (Information)

C. Executive Committee—Phyllis Joseph

• Ted Rieck Contract modification—Business Expense Reimbursement –Jean Ann Hudson (Action)

Under the terms of Ted Rieck’s employment contract with MTTA, he is to present documents for reimbursement of business related expenses to the Board or the Board’s designee.  However, as a customary practice, MTTA issues agency credit cards to certain employees.  Employees are to present receipts for goods and services charged to the card.  In the past, the general manager’s receipts were not presented to the Board.  This past practice is incompatible with the employment contract as the agency essentially pre-pays expenses and are reconciled after the fact.

This item addresses amending Ted’s employment contract to govern his use of a company credit card to be consistent with MTTA practice.

• Permission to travel to Arkansas for conference presentation—Ted Rieck (Action)

The Northwest Arkansas Regional Planning Commission (NWARPC), partnering with Urban Land Institute of northwest Arkansas, received a grant through the Walton Foundation to produce a 4-part speaker series on transit in NW Arkansas (Growing Mobility for a Growing Region). So far, they have brought in Jarrett Walker to speak generally about the benefits of transit and Jeff Speck to speak about walkability. Recently, they were to hear speakers from Raleigh and Indianapolis talk about how/why their business communities support transit.

They are programming the final session to focus on regional cities that have made advances in transit.  This session, “Our Next-Door Neighbors’ Transit Initiatives – Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Kansas City,” is targeted for May 21, 22, or 23 with NWARPC hosting the afternoon event. All travel expenses will be covered for participants including one-night lodging. Through Dawn Warwick (City of Tulsa Director of Planning), Ted Rieck has been invited as a presenter.   Ted would speak about Tulsa’s first BRT route.

The focus of this last event is how each of these regions have planned for and implemented improved transit/mobility (BRT, Trolley, RTA, and Funding). The concept will be a brief overview of the city’s initiatives with a panel discussion to follow.  This series will end with NWARPC issuing a RFP to update a 10-year Transit Development Plan for Northwest Arkansas later this year.

Under Ted’s terms of employment, out-of-state travel needs to be pre-approved by the board.  While all travel expenses are anticipated to be covered, Ted would like a maximum $250 travel expense contingency, mainly to cover mileage and other reasonable expenses should they not be covered by NWARPC.

Members   of   the   Board   of   Trustees   and   the   General   Manager   will   have   an opportunity to comment on Tulsa Transit, its services and/or other issues related to Tulsa Transit. Action will not be taken by the Board of Trustees on these comments.

Pursuant to the Oklahoma Open Meetings Act, new business is any matter not known about or which could not have been reasonably foreseen prior to the time of posting the agenda. Title 25 O.S. sec. 311(A)(9).


The next regularly scheduled meeting of the
Tulsa Transit Board of Trustees will be held on
Tuesday May 30, 2018 at 12:00 PM