Workforce Express Network – Route 969 (WEN)

Tulsa Transit is excited to introduce the Route 969 Workforce Express Network (WEN). A 169 corridor job shuttle, WEN is a fixed route service offering access from North Tulsa and Turley for job opportunities  Shuttles will also be provided for surrounding businesses. 

FREE RIDES extended until JAN. 31ST, 2021!

Notable businesses on the WEN route:

–  Macy’s                            –  John Zink

–  Amazon                         –  Greenheck

–  Whirlpool                     –  Tulsa International Airport

–  QT                                  –  Tulsa Port of Catoosa



Click the following links below to download information about the route:

WEN Fixed Route
WEN Fixed Route (Info flyer with times)

601 Shuttle – Tulsa Port of Catoosa
601 Shuttle – Tulsa Port of Catoosa

602 Shuttle – GreenHeck/Airport
602 Shuttle – GreenHeck/Airport (times)