Workforce Express Network – Route 969 (WEN)

Tulsa Transit is excited to introduce the Route 969 Workforce Express Network (WEN). A 169 corridor job shuttle, WEN is a fixed route service offering access from North Tulsa and Turley for job opportunities  Shuttles will also be provided for surrounding businesses. 

Notable businesses on the WEN route:

–  Macy’s                            –  John Zink

–  Amazon                         –  Greenheck

–  Whirlpool                      –  Tulsa International Airport

–  QT                                  –  Tulsa Port of Catoosa



Click the following links below to download information about the route:

WEN Fixed Route
WEN Fixed Route (Info flyer with times)

601 Shuttle – Tulsa Port of Catoosa
601 Shuttle – Tulsa Port of Catoosa

602 Shuttle – GreenHeck/Airport
602 Shuttle – GreenHeck/Airport (times)