New Transit Policies Effective Sept 23, 2019

Please be aware that starting September 23rd, along with the new routes, Tulsa Transit will also introduce some new policies. These changes will allow us to run more efficiently and serve our riders better!

  1. Drivers will ONLY stop at designated bus stops, not wherever riders flag them down. We are NOT a flag stop system anymore. In order for a passenger to be picked up by a bus you must be at a bus stop. This will not only improve safety by allowing our drivers to redirect their attention to the road but it will help them stay on time more accurately.
  2. Drivers will ONLY let passengers off at designated areas, these include:
      • bus stops
      • benches
      • shelters
      • stations and sub-hubs
  3. Have your fare ready BEFORE you board the bus. Once everyone has boarded the bus, drivers will close the doors and ask passengers to grab a handrail. The bus will then be put into motion EVEN IF the passengers have not paid their fare yet. HOWEVER drivers will be mindful of passengers with mobility impairments and will act accordingly. Drivers are responsible for keeping the buses on schedule so please be prepared to help them by having your fare ready.
  4. The bus will kneel now by request ONLY. Please alert the driver of your request so they may kneel the bus for you to board.