Faces of Transit

We’re excited to bring you the stories of Tulsa Transit riders and employees alike through the Oklahoma Transit Association’s Faces of Transit project. Each video will be added here as they’re completed, so be sure to check back often!

1. Tulsa Transit Board Member/Lift Rider Emeka Nnaka

2. IRS Auditor/Bus and Lift Rider Selena Sundling

Selena relies on Tulsa transit.

Tulsa Transit vehicles may not travel the world but some of its daily riders do! Selena Sundling, an IRS auditor, is legally blind and depends on Tulsa Transit’s Lift and fixed route system to get her to work, home and especially the airport. Having already visited 39 countries, Selena’s goal is to visit a total of 50 countries by the time she turns 50. “Tulsa Transit means that I can get to my job, which means that I can afford to travel the world,” Selena says. #OkFacesOfTransit Tulsa Transit

Posted by Oklahoma Transit Association on Saturday, February 23, 2019