Peoria Bus Rapid Transit Public Workshops

Peoria Bus Rapid Transit Public Workshops

Learn about the preliminary plans for the Peoria BRT

The Peoria Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project will bring Tulsa a premium public transit service that provides faster and more frequent service with enhanced vehicles, stations and rider amenities.

Attend the workshop to review and discuss potential routing and station location options. Another series of workshops will be held in early summer 2017 to review and discuss BRT branding, station architecture and amenities. Your input is important.

Meeting Locations: Workshops will be held at three locations. Each workshop will include the same presentation and materials.

South Tulsa

North Tulsa

Central Tulsa

Tuesday, April 25th

Tuesday, April 25th

Wednesday, April 26th

5:30 pm – 7:30 pm

5:30 pm – 7:30 pm

5:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Spirit Life Church

Rudisill Regional Library

Central Center

5345 S. Peoria Ave

1520 N. Hartford Ave

1028 E. 6th St

Project Area: East 63rd Street north on Peoria Avenue to east 81st Street and Lewis Avenue. BRT stations located approximately every half-mile. See map on adjacent page

Proposed Work: Enhanced BRT station platforms, shelters and markers

Funding Source: Improve Our Tulsa (Capital Costs) and Vision Tulsa (Operating Costs)

Status of Project: Preliminary design phase

Construction: Spring 2018

Opening: Spring 2019

Your Improve Our Tulsa Contacts:

BRT Service Questions:           Pedestrian/Roadway Questions:       Funding and Finanace Questions:
Debbie Ruggles                          Michelle Stovall                                    Nick Doctor
Interim General Manager        Project Engineer                                  Chief of Community Development and Policy
Tulsa Transit                              City of Tulsa                                          City of Tulsa           
918-582-2100                            918-596-9458                                        918-596-7483